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 I first dabbled yoga when I picked up an instructional book in the 70's. There wasn't a yoga studio anywhere near me in my small hometown so I didn't take it any further. That all changed when yoga popped back into my life while I was living in England.
I remembered how I remembered how good the yoga made me feel and how it kept me grounded. I was soon enrolled in the Sun Power
 Yoga Teacher Training in Leicester, England. It took me two hours each way on the subway and two trains to get there but it was a remarkable experience with a very knowledgeable, thorough and gifted teacher, Anne Marie Newland. She developed  Sun Power Yoga by uniquely blending four styles of yoga- Hatha, Iyengar, Sivananda and Astanga. I received my 200 hr.Sun Power Yoga certification in 2005 and soon returned to the USA with my British husband.

I am also an Occupational Therapist employed in the field for 30 yrs. I became frustrated with dealing with many medical conditions that could have been prevented. My experiences in the healthcare field made me truly appreciate the healing power of yoga. I sought further information and found yoga therapy. I became certified as a yoga therapist (800 hrs.) through Integrative Yoga Therapy with Joseph LePage in 2009. I appreciate the fact that both disciplines give the
individual the tools to help themselves. I am just a guide on their journey. I use the postures, breathing and relaxation techniques in my OT work when appropriate. I am registered with National Yoga Alliance (YA) and the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT.)

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Why Yoga Therapy?

Private or Group Sessions

Private Sessions
Integrative yoga therapy is based upon the Panchamayakosha model of health and healing: Annamayakosha- the physical body; Pranamayakosha- the energy/breath bdy; Manomayakosha- the psycho-emotional body; Vinyanmayakosha- the wisdom body and Anandamayakosha- the bliss body. The yoga therapist and the student work together to assess whatever imbalances are contributing to a certain medical condition.

Fill out the intake Form- this is a questionnaire that helps the yoga therapist get to know the person. It also helps the individual take a closer look at themselves. We usually do this over the phone. It can also be done by email if necessary.

The first visit is an evaluation. At the end of the first session I will give you a general outline of your yoga program that is tailored specifically to you. A client should understand that there are a minimum number of sessions in order for them to benefit. I usually recommend 3 sessions since this is the minimum needed to see any results. Often clients will return for a tune up session in six months or so.

Homework: Clients are required to complete homework assignments that usually require 15-30 min. a day but this depends on the individual and their needs. Yoga cannot work if it is not practiced but I also understand time constraints with responsibilities and commitments. I will discuss any time management issues with you before giving any assignments.

Private yoga therapy sessions offer a student one-on-one attention. There are many reasons people choose this. Clients may include those that are out of shape and need a personal modified program, those that do not feel comfortable in a group yoga class, those that want to develop a yoga practice specific to them or those that are dealing with chronic medical conditions. Some medical conditions I can address include arthritis, asthma, cancer, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, musculo-skeletal injuries, stress management and stroke. I also have years of experience working with seniors. I have completed the Yoga for Cancer training at Kripalu with Tari Prinster.

I will travel to your home or place of business. I also have limited use of a small yoga studio depending on the time of day.

Price: 1st session- Evaluative: $70.00 1.5 hrs.
Treatment Sessions: $60.00 1.5 hrs.

Yoga therapy groups focus on a population that are dealing with similar medical conditions i.e., arthritis, autoimmune disorders or weight issues. Although these are group sessions you will still get individual attention as these groups are usually 4 to 6 students but can vary depending on the needs of the group. Time spent on yoga postures is usually less than in a regular yoga class. Emphasis is also placed on body awareness, breathing and sharing. Further sessions are created based on the group's dynamics and feedback



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